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Meet Greg Davis, a highly experienced and accom- plished real estate professional with over 21 years of ex- perience in the industry. As the Broker/Owner of Davis Group Realty, Greg has a proven track record of success in real estate. He has been involved with every aspect of the real estate industry, from raw ground, entitlements, development, new construction, and existing real estate. He’s seen and done it all, which has made him an expert in the real estate industry.

Greg’s passion for real estate began early in his life when his parents decided to add 5 bedrooms and 3 bath- rooms on to their early 1900’s house. The family worked together and did most of the work themselves. During that time, he gained a wealth of knowledge about the construction industry and developed an interest in real estate. He learned all the moving parts of how a house is built and all the mechanics of a home that are always covered by the walls and drywall. That experience gave him the tools and expertise to understand the building process and help his clients navigate the intricacies of purchasing new construction properties. It also gave him the ability to easily understand the ins and outs of real estate and to simply explain its details to all of his clients. Over the years, Greg has worked with a di- verse range of clients, from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, to buyers and sellers of luxury properties. His experience and versatility have enabled him to assist everyone with their real estate needs, whether they’re looking to buy or sell a modest starter home or a multi-million-dollar estate.

One of Greg’s core values is his commitment to serving his clients in the best way possible. He places the needs of his clients as his highest priority and works tirelessly to ensure they achieve their real estate goals. Greg understands that buying or selling a property is a significant decision, and he takes that responsibility seriously. Greg’s commitment to his clients is evident from the moment he meets them. He takes the time to un- derstand their unique needs, preferences, and financial goals. He listens to their concerns and addresses any questions they may have to ensure they feel comfort- able throughout the entire process. Greg believes that transparency and open communication are critical to building trust with his clients, and he strives to keep them informed every step of the way.


To provide the best possible service to his clients, Greg uses his extensive knowledge of the local real estate market to help them make informed decisions. He pro- vides his clients with up-to-date information on current trends, pricing, and the overall state of the market. By staying ahead of the curve, Greg can help his clients navigate the market with confidence and achieve the best possible outcome.


Throughout the buying or selling process, Greg is always available to his clients. He understands that real estate transactions can be stressful and that his cli- ents may have questions or concerns that arise outside of regular business hours. Greg is committed to being accessible to his clients whenever they need him, and he responds promptly to phone calls, emails, and text messages.


In summary, Greg Davis’ commitment to serv- ing his clients is unmatched. He prioritizes their needs above all else and works tirelessly to ensure they achieve their real estate goals. With his extensive knowledge of the industry, dedication to his clients, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Greg is the ideal partner for anyone looking to buy or sell property.


Beyond his work in real estate, Greg is an active member of his community. He has volunteered his time to work with local youth and has taken groups of high school students to India to work in schools and orphanages. Greg’s dedication to helping people and his passion for real estate make him the ideal partner for anyone looking to buy or sell property.

Greg Davis


Welcome to Boise, Idaho, a vibrant hub nestled in the heart of the picturesque Treasure Valley. Our comprehensive, complimentary 2024 Idaho Relocation Guide is your gateway to discovering everything our area has to offer. Highlighting the unique charm of each Boise neighborhood and our incredible cities across the valley. It's an open invitation to explore, whether that means tracing the scenic trails of the Boise foothills, gliding along the serene Boise River in a kayak, or immersing yourself in the urban charm of downtown Boise. 


Each turn of the page brings a new season to life, painting the Idaho landscape in a kaleidoscope of colors. Followed by outdoor adventure, community favorites, and events by the season, offering year round entertainment for all ages to enjoy. Idaho has something for everyone, this ensures you’re a part of the community’s vibrant culture from the moment you arrive. For weekend getaways or short trips, you’ll love the quick travel excursions that are easily accessible destinations promising memorable experiences. 


Our healthcare system is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate care, while the area's schools shine with a commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Major employers in the region span diverse industries, offering career opportunities in tech, healthcare, and agribusiness, solidifying Boise's reputation as a dynamic hub for professional growth. Our friendly and growing region offers a quality of life that truly stands out. This is a heartfelt invitation to discover, explore, and fall in love with a place we proudly call home.




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